What am I? 

Without my make-up and the clothes I use to Influence your judgement. Who am I when time has become my friend and distractions borne from routine are no longer? 

I am all.
I am rebirth and death.
I am the river who flows through life.
I am the storm that crashes against my peace.
I am the sunrise that wakens my heart.

I am love and have love.

Because I live.
I am valuable because I have walked all my years and kept going despite bleeding feet and lost directions. 

I am not my title.
I am not what you need me to be.
I am not a cog in the machine of society. 

I exist.
I exist in the magical and the anguish.
I exist in my past and my future.

I share.
I share my triumph and tragedy with all that you have felt.
I share my need for love and acceptance just as you have. 

I don’t need containment and geographic boundaries to find my place in our world.
I don’t need a gender, colour or status to have value. 

I exist.
Just like you. 

Image by: Tara McKinney

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