Making Peace With 2020: Emerging From Fear

Wow it has been a looooooong time since I have put pen to paper. Like you, I entered lockdown with a list of things I would accomplish that ordinarily I didn't have time for. Things like learn a new song on the piano, paint, cook, begin writing my new book... hell, even 'get more sleep' made it onto my list.

Sigh. The truth is I was busier than ever. I think the only thing I managed during juggling home schooling and work was to increase my daughter's vocabulary with words she is definitely too young to use (nevertheless, still an accomplishment).

It was an emotional rollercoaster that had me fluctuating between extreme peace and gratitude (gained from the opportunity to re-examine the meaning of life), to really unexpected lows where I came face-to-face with fears and insecurities I had thought long healed. 

Yup... like you, I got to experience the full gamut of human emotion which conveniently came packaged within the confines of my 4 walls (screams silently while banging head against wall).

Fun times.

Which brings me onto the reason for this article. 

Let me explain that sentence a little more:

Last week I was one of the panelists on the Collaborative Exchange where we spoke about the possibility that Covid-19 was the biggest human growth trajecetory of our time watch the video

Allow me both the honesty and vulnerability to say what I think many people have felt, but perhaps haven't acknowledged or admitted to: 2020 bitch slapped us, a 'klap' I think was a long time in coming. 

We needed to be reminded of our humanity, of our need for connection, of our imperfections, and above all, that certainty is an illusion and creativity is our greatest strength.

  • We needed to reassess our priorities and values.
  • We needed to re-learn the skill of vulnerability by sharing our fear and offering support.
  • We needed to vividly experience how interconnected every race, gender, culture, and nationality truly is.
  • We needed to see that consumerism will not keep your heart warm or create self-worth.
  • We needed to experience the joy of generosity in sharing our skills and knowledge freely with people all over the world, and in doing so, begin to heal the fear of scarcity.

Do I believe 2020 has offered unparalleled opportunity for personal and collective growth? Absolutely. But only if you consciously integrate the learning and experiences.

Is it easy? No...

It's not easy to have your identity stripped away if it was based on material accomplishment. It's not easy to admit to fear when you have maintained a facade of perfection for many years. It's not easy to learn to ask for help when you prided yourself on your independence. It's not easy to move from prideful ego to humble acceptance.

It is a journey into self that allows you to emerge free from false beliefs, empty relationships and weak boundaries. The only true barrier to making the most of what 2020 offers - is fear (which just happens to be one of my favourite topics to teach).

If this is resonating with you, and you feel that it is time to fully step into the next chapter of your life, face lingering fears, and emerge as your authentic and beautiful self, I would love you to join me next week on the Xtraordinary Women platform (men welcome) where I will be taking you through the mechanisms and physiology of fear - and what to do with it.

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