I burn
With anger
With hopelessness
With conviction

My heart
Struggling to beat
Fighting back

I am unbreakable
With scars
Leaking blood
I rise 

You pushed me down
To the darkness 
To the ground

You stood on my neck
Squeezed away my hope
My confidence
My safety

You laughed at me
Laughed at my reason
My hope
My belief

You thought of ways to hurt me
Take away all that was important
You twisted words and other’s hearts

You took your joy from my pain
But your weakness is my strength
You bore into me
But you did not
And can never
Bore deep enough

I am made from the fires of the earths core
From the light of a trillion suns
My fury blows like the strongest hurricane
My purpose is deeper and stronger than all the oceans
I have mountains in my veins
And love are my rivers

I am Earth mother
Father sun
I will not bend

I will protect myself
My children
My rights
My truth
With the strength of a million women

You will never stand against me
You will never win

You will fade away into nothingness
Even your memory will be just a boulder I learned to climb 

I rise not only with strength
But with love

I am unbreakable
I will not cower
I will not sink into despair
I will not allow your darkness to dampen my light

I have roots as deep as the oldest tree
Wisdom as old as the earth
I am mother
I will not bend

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