The Two Most Powerful Warriors Are Patience and Time

Leo Tolstoy described time and patience as 'the two most powerful warriors'. He wrote these words in War and Peace and while he was referring to how best to outmanoeuvre your enemy during war, I would like to offer a different interpretation.

I have had the opporunity to speak to many people during the lockdown, spending time on conversation that I didn't have before. Mostly everyone reported enjoying their home time and all mentioned the same feeling - an almost childlike enjoyment of stillness.

While we cannot escape the new stress this global pandemic has handed to us, there is a beauty in the slowing down, in the gentle flow of how life can be experienced. I am still working, still exercising, still going to bed at a semi reasonable hour, however, that urgency of time has completely left me. It is a gift I plan to consciously carry forward to the rest of my life.

I have been conducting some market research within my contacts (thank you to everyone who particpated), the question I asked was "which of these two needs speaks to you most?"

  1. To make a major life change without fear, or
  2. To reconnect to your passion, purpose and joy

There was an overwhelming confirmation of the latter and many people took the time to explain their answer: they told me that 3 months ago they would have chosen the first option, but now they are being drawn to inner reflection and feeling the call to connect once again with their orginal self.

This too is a gift that the lockdown brings us, the opportunity to exist outside of any preconceived ideas you had about your life, your future, and who you are expected to be. We spend our LIVES conforming to our culture, jobs, and relationships. We fear taking that courageous step when the call is heard within, the step that requires you to leave the familiar and open to the unknown.

That time is now, the time to invite all your immense power and wisdom into your every day life, the time to accept that you are more than the labels you have lived behind, more than the fear that has locked you into a small life. That you have the rightnothe necessity, to embody your unbreakable self.

Be unbreakable; unbreakable in your resolve, your love, your truth and your spirit.

Trust the wisdom of your inner voice, be patient with your unfolding, and give yourself more love, not less. Because however you have spent your time up until this very moment, you are deserving of more love, not less.

With love and appreciation from this human to you

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