So We Can Change the World – Who Knew?

Let's be honest, we’ll never know if Covid-19 was manufactured, merely a common flu, an airborne zombie creator, or a convenient excuse for politicians to change legislation and increase their power. I am sure you are as saturated with conspiracy theories, data confusion and frustration as I am.

Meh. It’s not the first time in history the man on the street will remain blithely/blissfully(?) unaware. What I do like about this rather bizarre time though, is what it proves: we can change the world. 

Whether you entered lockdown willingly or not, every race, religion, gender and country have all participated (which is no mean feat considering how many genders we now count).

Humanity has shared a singular goal and the results are astounding. 

I am not going to argue the merits or short-sightedness of political and medical decisions, or the impact on business, education or economies. What I want to highlight is the profoundly powerful impact of what we can achieve when our values are aligned. 

It is very difficult to get 5 people—never mind 7.8 billion—to allocate the same importance to a singular value. While some worship wealth, others dedicate their creative power and energy to technology, fitness, science, family, art, selfies, fashion or fascism.

Covid-19 cleared the playing field and presented us with the one and only value that we can all agree trumps the rest... survival. And the results are staggering; in 3 short months we have literally changed the world. 

Imagine if we all valued our environment, gender equality, wildlife, children and human rights? Imagine walking through a world where you greeted a stranger with a smile rather than suspicion. Where you lovingly shared your skills and solutions with others because the idea of scarcity could only be found in a history book. 

Imagine feeling so deeply connected to this life, to this planet, to your own purpose for existence that loneliness, doubt and fear lost their meaning. Imagine what it would be like to know that your actions, your participation, your voice and your presence are an integral part of the human experience.  

In the past, human evolution focused on the expansion of individualism. Our laws, our inventions and our aspirations are all byproducts of that drive for freedom. Although we have evolved far beyond our original design, which is an achievement to be celebrated, we have created a lot of damage along the way.

We forgot our deep necessity for authentic connection, we dismissed the value of group success and instead sought individual victory. We tried to heal our resulting societal and emotional wounds with instant gratification and prejudice. Instead of raising the tribe, we stood on the suffering of others and our very planet to numb the pain.

(Whew, that was a bit of an emotional diatribe wasn't it?)

But are presented with the proof of what is possible when we work together. Not just with people who think like you do, who look like you, or who live in the same neighbourhood, but the entire human tribe working towards one goal. 

What other values can we decide is important enough to continue this beautifully inclusive and empathetic collaboration?

What does our new life look like, for you and for me, and what will you do to create it?

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