The Death of Industrialised Humans ?

It’s no stretch of the imagination to see how all human creation is a reflection of our psyche. From industry to geography, we have carved our mental and emotional shadow into the construction of our world.

All human invention is a road map of our evolution of consciousness. As we individually and collectively expand in awareness, so too does the purpose and form of our creations. 

Corporate business is one such creation that was birthed during a time when we valued capital gain over personal well-being, dominance over compromise, patriarchal structures over diversity. This monolith of the 20th century is now struggling through growth pains as it tries to hold on to its founding princples of stubborness, exclusivity, might-equals-right, and power-hungry mentality.

But human consciousness has moved on...granted...not all 8 billion contributing members have boarded the train, but enough have to achieve a tipping point.

Yes siree (please use one of the available 46 gender definitions in place of ‘sir’ if you find that saying offensive), times they are a changing.

We are in an energy vortex at the moment; a dynamic, helter-skelter, frenetic mental and emotional earthquake that is unearthing a lot of stuff. And by 'stuff' I mean all the buried darkness that the human being has accumulated over the past 200 000 years. 

Darkness such as racism, sexism, fundamentalism, totalitarianism, radicalism, consumerism, capitalism... cannibalism and necrophilism (who saw those two coming? ) 

Rather a nice piece of poetic justice that a schism is destroying all those 'ism’s'. 

Because we are experiencing a schism, a gigantic disharmony between the majesty of what we can be and seem to be moving towards, and our old creations that have no more place in the new world. An earthquake of consciousness that has forced us to begin the process of transformation.

We have known for a long time that we are stronger and more effective when we work together. But before, we defined ‘together’ as ‘same’.... same nation, culture, race, gender or religion. 

I hope this earthquake continues for a while to come. I hope we continue to shake up our mindsets, our beliefs, and our habits. I hope that we truly leave the industrial revolution behind us, a time where enormous progress was made, but which also represented the seperatism that our pysche of the time revered.

I hope that when the dust settles we will no longer see each other and our world through eyes indoctrinated by mechanical wealth creation, but rather with empathy and joy. Because the human being is majestic. We are capable of profoundly humbling acts of love, and it is this value above all else that I hope becomes the foundation for our future creations.

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