What Doesn’t Kill You…

I consider myself an overly positive person - there isn't much that can get me down, at least not for long. However the question must be asked: what the fuck is up with 2016?

I have always suspected that for some reason I am the person that drew the short straw when the gods were playing 'Donkey' up on Mount Olympus. While I am mostly up to the challenge, I do think it's only fair that I have the occasional rant, if I don't those buggers might think they aren't playing hard enough.

In the last month I have grinned through a burst geyser (and subsequent collapsed ceiling), an exploding pool pump, two perpetually sick dogs that like to throw up only on carpets and not on the wooden floors so generously provided for them (because they eat my daughters plastic toys), 1 of my dogs also decided to become senile and now barks at me if I dare leave the room without her, 2 extremely expensive tires that couldn't be plugged and had to go to the big circle in the sky, insomnia, a laptop that has permanently burned it's impression into my leg, paint that has decided to stop being paint and instead turned into coloured powder.

(deep breathe)

No electricity or water (hello bucket bath), intermittent internet, a TV that overnight stopped playing sound, an employee who went awol (but not before locking away everything I could have used to clean up dog vomit and vacuum up shattered glass), JHB Water who yet again put a hole through my mains while trying to install a new water meter (which they have been doing since December), my first experience of childhood Lice (refer back to the part about cleaning materials being locked away), and a whole lot of other personal things which I don't want to type out because I may run the risk of tipping myself over the edge.

This of course happens while I hold down 2 very different jobs and mother a four year old who is home for half the day.

Nevertheless in keeping with this year's resolutions I am still finding time for socialising and adventuring. Because fuck - without them my next purchase would be a straight jacket.

And that my friends... is life.

It is messy, frustrating, challenging, and juuuuuuust as you think you have all your little marbles colour coded and grouped according to size, the jar falls over and you've lost half of them. So we start again, we smile again, we hope again. And it's incredible.

The human spirit truly is indomitable. And that makes me ridiculously happy (ok I admit it might be closer to manic laughter but it's practically the same thing).

Anyway not sure where I am going with this, I suppose I just want to say... chin up everyone. Shit happens. But so does magic, love, surprises that make you giddy, afternoon rain, friends who make you laugh so much you have to run to the loo, cuddles with those you love that makes your heart swell bigger than the multiverse, hilarious videos of people swinging into walls that brighten your day... and all the other cool shit that makes it all worth it.

High five to you all for rocking this thing called Life.

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