This week I became the supremely happy owner of fast internet. In order to celebrate this long awaited event, I spent the evening watching upcoming movie trailers (the closest I get to actually watching a movie).

Just after watching Superman vs Batman (which looks too damn good | update: it sucked), I was prompted to watch the upcoming trailer for Supergirl.

Well. I was horrified.

I’m sorry but in what galaxy is it ok to portray such a cool superhero as a ditsy girl who can’t decide on her costume? Why is it that Superman was directed and acted to such levels of awesomeness, and Supergirl to such levels of patheticness?

If they committed to their insipid portrayal fully and made by making their target audience teenagers it would have been more understandable (a travesty nonetheless), but it is clearly targeted to an adult audience.

The only great female superhero I’ve seen portrayed on screen is Black Widow from Avengers. Yes she is still sexy, women are and there’s nothing wrong with that, but she is first and foremost shown as an assassin and bad ass character, she just happens to be female.

Every other female superhero, from Catwoman to Batgirl, rely on their feminine wiles rather than skill and personality. It irritates me to no end.

They is not my role models and I definitely wouldn’t want them for my daughter. I find discussions on fashion one of the most tediously painful ordeals to live through – and they put in a bloody wardrobe choosing scene in Supergirl. Supergirl!! It’s not 105 dresses (or whatever it was called).

Big sigh.

It’s bad enough I have to speed read in advance and edit-as-I-go when reading fairytales to my daughter. When I reach the part that reads “…a handsome prince came to save her and fell instantly in love with her because she was so beautiful”, and worse, “… he asked her to marry him and she said yes” (this after knowing each other for 5 minutes).

Needless to say I edit such ridiculousness to a more realistic and desired outcome… one where the princess saves herself and the prince is just a normal guy who can be her friend but would have to earn further affection.

There is absolutely no point in burning bras and fighting for equal pay and all that, when women willingly support characters and celebrities that are, to put it plainly, stupid.

Enough said.

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