How to Connect More Authentically with Your Emotions and Others

We speak about 'emotional intelligence' and how important it is for self-awareness and the enjoyment of life and healthy relationships. But are we truly feeling our authentic emotions? Or are we convincing ourselves that we feel love, happiness, acceptance, and peace?

For many years I have been interested in partaking of a medicine plant to facilitate a healing journey, but although I was aware of the psychedelic cactus's Ayahuasca and San Pedro, for some reason I resisted including this method in my self-healing repertoire.

That all changed a month ago when a friend mentioned she was going on a San Pedro Retreat. I immediately signed up, feeling the time was right and excited to continue my journey of self-discovery and growth.

3 Days ago I joined 14 other brave souls to use the medicine plant and, without a doubt, it was one of the best decisions of my life. The deeply conscious and intentional ceremony that surrounds the journey prepared me for receiving the numerous insights that I did, of which I wanted to share 2 of the most profound with you.


As humans, we have an enormous range of emotions to experience and draw from, yet often we limit our full embodiment of them. We fear to truly feel our authentic emotions and rather stay in the safe zone of 'not too bad' and 'not too good.

When I tapped into my feelings of happiness and examined where in my life I was limiting this feeling, I saw that so often I was interpreting an experience as happiness, when in fact, it was just the absence of fear that I was feeling.

I then looked deeper into this realisation and sought to understand where else I had misinterpreted my own feelings; 

  • Did I truly feel love in the past? Or was it just the lack of loneliness and companionship that I thought must be happiness?
  • Did I truly have respect for my fellow brothers and sisters on our planet? Or was it 'easy' to have respect because my mindset, beliefs, and actions weren't being challenged?
  • Had I really embodied peace? Or was it just the lull between drama and anger that felt peaceful?
  • Had I truly felt acceptance? Or was the sacrifice of my truth and my needs allowing my self to believe that I was accepted?


We ended the ceremony with breathwork, for those who don't know what that is, it is a powerful, yet simple way to access our buried emotions that are stored within the very cells of our body. While I released my deep-seated grief and listened to others do the same, I was flooded with a profound sense of gratitude. I not only saw, but felt how connected we are, and how we all share the same pain. 

I went on to see that by someone else having the courage to acknowledge their grief and heal, I in turn, become healed. You see... our grief is not isolated, and we are connected not only by our shared DNA and space on the planet, but we are also connected by energy. And when one of us has the strength and love to rise above their history and their pain, it helps each and every one of us to heal as well.

For a deeper understanding of these teachings, head over to YouTube to watch my latest video. I must apologise for the shadow and slightly blurry quality though, I was still riding the waves of euphoria and had no idea the lighting was so bad. I consoled myself with the idea that perhaps that shadow was my supercharged aura creating havoc 🙂

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