See If You Are Ready For Change

Take 10 minutes to tackle 16 questions and discover if you're primed to level up your life!

Change is tough, we all know that. But here's the thing: just dreaming about improvement won't cut it. You've got to roll up your sleeves, take action, and have a solid plan in place. That's where this little test comes in handy. In just 10 minutes and 16 questions, you'll get a sneak peek into your readiness to kickstart your personal development journey.

So, are you ready to take the plunge? Let's find out!


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Hi, I'm Sonia and my superpower is infusing you with the courage and energy to move forward.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers or promise to fix everything. But I've worked with thousands of people, just like you, who yearn to ignite change within themselves and their lives. I keep it real because, like you, I'm human. I've walked the path of transformation, blending my professional expertise in science, psychology, and metaphysics with personal experience .

My mission is simple, to show that your past doesn't define you, pain cannot limit you, and fear cannot stop you.

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