Women nurture, create, and flow.
We experience life through emotion, and connect through the same.
We are the divine feminine.
A potent mix of fierce protector, wild nature, quiet moonlight, fiery goddess, sensuality and sexuality.

We consume seed and transform it into life.
We consume pain and transform it into compassion.
We absorb the emotions of others and transform it into desire.

Sometimes that desire is to escape what is given to us.
Other times the desire is to hide, or open, or to invite.
Sometimes it is to consume even more so that our own emotions may have a vessel in which to exist.

What we absorb is vitally important because we have no ability to reject it unless we reject it all.
It is the masculine’s responsibility, and honour, to provide the structure and the ingredients.

He can either diminish or flourish, expand or contract.
The shape that he provides will be how the water of women will form.

Will he recognise her beauty?
Not only of her eyes, her curves, her nuances, but will he see the storm that rages within her and be the lightening to her thunder?

Will he worship her creative power and be courageous enough to allow it expression?
Will he honour her strength and give it direction through his unfettered desire?
Will he prove his right to her body and mind by being in control, and thus, giving the structure she needs to feel safe?

A woman is water, and a man gives it shape.

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